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Disclaimer: Many of the following Personal Testimonials attest to the writers’ beliefs that the Crystal Blue Structured Water technologies have produced positive changes in their health, and in some cases, have even reversed or improved their long-standing and serious medical conditions.

Neither we, any employee or distributor of Crystal Blue Sales, LLC, make any claims of curing or improving any medical condition through the use of Crystal Blue Structured Water or any other technologies or devices produced by Crystal Blue. The Testimonials that you are about to read are the thoughts and opinions expressed by the writers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the employees or distributors of Crystal Blue.

Dear Jim,

We did several tests with athletes drinking Crystal Blue water and found significant difference with control group on several GDV parameters as well as their self-response.  It was pilot study with only 5 people in each groups. We will have more data for you soon.

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

St Petersburg, Russia; March 16, 2017

Hi Jim,  Just have to tell you what happened; a friend of mine who is considered by her doctors as a SEVERE asthmatic came over and got some “structured” TAP water.  After 3 days of drinking it (not even bathing in it), she was able to walk a couple of blocks OUTSIDE, something she could barely do before, even with her medicine! Astonishing! She knew I was meeting with another friend about this device and so she came over to tell me. She was so happy!

So excited! Oh, she was VERY skeptical about the whole thing. And despite that, she was helped: )  Happy, happy, joy, joy…   – JJ – Palm Beach, FL


Palm Beach, FL

Softer Skin: “While staying at my daughters place for 2 weeks, drinking and showering in the structured water, I noticed my skin was much softer, and felt squeaky clean, particularly on my face.”

B Harris,

Forster. NSW Australia

“After only a couple of weeks of showering in the structured water, I commented to my wife that my whiskers were definitely softer, making shaving so much easier.”

David Rolfe

Llandilo. NSW Australia

​“I really wanted to put the whole house water structuring unit to the test before I started talking to others about it. I have been impressed with the results so far. I’m no longer using rinse aid in the dishwasher and the dishes are drying clear without spotting; I use less detergent in the washing machine and no fabric softener; washing the car is much quicker now that I don’t have to dry it off – it dries without white spots on it, as do windows.

Other Benefits:  I love the fact that I can drink the structured water straight from the tap, something I haven’t done in 15 or 20 years. That means no bottled water being delivered or purchased from the supermarket – another savings on cost and no plastic bottles to destroy our environment.  And of course, no unpleasant chlorine smell which sometimes had me thinking I was at an aquatic centre. If all that is not enough, I can’t believe how my veggies are growing and are pest-free without the use of any chemicals.”

Rhonda Rolfe

Llandilo. NSW Australia

Hello Jim,

I just have to let you know how happy I am with the products I received a week ago.  Having lived with Lymphoma for twenty plus years, I learned two years ago that it had gone to the bone and have used a walker since.  I have never done Chemo or other “regular” means to survive.  I trust my God and natural ways to heal. The two knee wraps and the back wrap muscle test VERY strong for me, but the main witness is their use!  Without a doubt, I feel stronger with them on.  AND, since wearing for a week I am having almost no pain.  Before I was taking a narcotic 3 to 5 times a day, and now am taking none!  I believe the Frankincense is a great benefit!  While the pain is almost gone, my balance and coordination remains poor.  No surprise there as my legs, hips and spine are loaded with cancer! The hand held water unit is fantastic.  I tested it against the old one and WOW what a difference.  Not only am I seeing a difference in how I feel, but the taste is wonderful.  It has a smooth silky feel and goes down easily.  A friend did a pH test on my house water and the distilled I drink past restructuring.  The house water with your old restructuring unit was a 8.8 and the distilled with the hand held Frankincense was a 9.3.  

What else can I say?  This almost 80 year old gal is about to feel young again!  I look forward to trying the shower unit!  If I were younger I would love to be a rep.  What an opportunity!

Thanks for all you do!



Flowers – were one week old when put into structured water – three and a half weeks old.

Sarah Daw – New Life for Flowers and Horses!

There is nothing quite like being proved wrong about a product one is initially sceptical about – On receiving the product we tried two experiments: We took a bunch of flowers a week old (but by nomeans dead) and put them into vase of re-structured water,within an hour they looked magnificent!

Flushed with beauty. Extraordinary! They are now three and half weeks old.

My horse has an automatic water dish in her stable. Her routine is to drink first thing in the morning, after her evening feed and at night taking on board what she needs. It’s unusual having been out in the field during the day where she drinks freely from the water trough to want to drink late afternoon having already drank when she is brought in. We gave her half a bucket of structured water (took ages to fill as the handheld is small) taking care not to spill any un-structured water into the bucket for the purpose of the experiment. She literally ran to the bucket to have a long drink. No hesitation at all. It might as well have been a bucket of carrots she was so eager. We have done a lot of work with horses including Reiki and crystal healing and in our experience animals, particularly horses, tell it how it is.

Sarah Daw

United Kingdom

New Hair Growth!

You may have seen pictures on this site of Professor Kwan, one of our most distinguished (among many others) of our CBE partners. Here is a picture of one of his satisfied Crystal Blue clients. He has been using the CBE Shower Unit for two years now. With no other changes to his lifestyle or diet, you can see for yourself what a difference the unit has apparently made in his own life.

It is my pleasure to share this personal experiential information with whomever is interested. I am Clara Smith and I am soon to be 64 years old. Since 2006 I have worked in the very arduous food service industry, spending as much as 12 to 14 hours per day, 6 days a week on my feet, some days, not sitting down at all for a break and some days sitting for only a few minutes. Rarely do I take a 30 minute break but if I do it is most likely not without interruption. Business owner, I am. About five years ago I began to have a very negative physical manifestation plague me: It was painful, distracting, and disconcerting as well because I believed it was speaking to me about my health but it was not clear to me what I could do to remedy it. I tolerated it and hated it. I mitigated it to the best of my ability with massage and massage tools. Those tactics were somewhat relieving but were painful to administer. The obvious swelling of my legs started above my knees and extended all the way to the tip of my toes. The swelling progressively got worse with each passing year. The pain and discomfort was accumulative and continual while I was on my feet. At the end of my day when I removed my socks there were indentations from them that did not disappear until morning! My legs were often full, tight, and puffy instead of shapely. They were stiff, sometimes hard, and always a concern. I wanted a remedy not a drug. It made sense to me that I needed to drink more water because my body was “holding” water it was not getting enough of. However, I realized over the years that increasing my water intake did not prevent the swelling, as it continued to get worse. During the early summer of 2015 I was pleased to welcome Robert Brazy and Jeffrey Riggins into our home in order for them to introduce us to Crystal Blue’s Water Structuring Units. I knew our pH adjusted but dead reverse osmosis water needed improvement, but I had no perception of the potential benefits of structured water! As summer clicked along, hot and arduous as always… I appreciated a clear sensation of my thirst being “satisfied” by drinking structured water. We structured every drop we drank and cooked with. Not until a few months after using the CBWS Unit did it dawn on me that MY LEGS WERE NOT SWOLLEN ANYMORE!!!  I have no other thing to attribute that fabulous improvement in my legs! Nothing. I did not see a doctor, I did not change my diet, supplements, or routine… except for working harder than ever before. It was a very busy season! That is a blessing. But the biggest blessing is the fact that MY LEGS STOPPED SWELLING! NO MORE SOCK MARKS AND NO MORE CONSTANT PAIN WHILE STANDING! I completely believe that the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit’s “product”… more useable water, healthy water… is the reason my legs stopped swelling!  THANK YOU CRYSTAL BLUE!  In fact, we know that installing a Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit is a vital component of the water treatment system we are assembling and installing this spring on our rural western Colorado well. It is such a joy to know that we will be drinking the healthiest water possible!

Sincerely, with kind regards,

Clara Smith

February 29, 2016

Increased Cellular Hydration

Aloha Jim,   I was recently at a friends home who had just purchased a unit from Crystal Blue Enterprises.  I had never before heard of structured water.  After one glass of water, I became very thirsty.  Unusual for me as I am normally not that thirsty.  I drank another glass and the thirst continued.  I filled a quart of water, and went home.  I continued being extremely thirsty.  That night I woke up and had to urinate very often.  Maybe 7 times.  I realized I was de-toxing.  I usually sleep thru the night  I went back to my friends and filled many quarts of water, and started drinking 6-8 glasses a day.  After 2 days the extreme thirst stopped as well as the excessive urination.I started feeling better then I have in quite awhile.  As if my body was hydrated for the first time ever.  I started feeling hungry, not just eating because it was mealtime, but real hunger.   A natural rhythm was coming back. I am excited to get my own water Crystal Blue unit and drink structured water every day. I did remember that a friend had some gadget at her home that was spiraling the water. But I had not felt much from it, so did not really tune in to what it was trying to do.  I have never in my life experienced water that made me feel my cells were responding to some aliveness.  

Thank you.

Mani Arak Lac

Maui Hi

Increased Oxygen Levels with Reduced Surface Tension

Hey Jim, As you well know, extra oxygen in water is LIFE to all living organisms – from sprouting seeds to insects, to mammalian life.  Remember hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 – and is well researched as a tremendous free radical neutralizer.I just installed your Stainless AP-2 unit in my bottled water company’s filler primary line and have noticed also higher levels of oxygen combined with lower surface tension readings on the ultra-pure distilled water.

Pretty impressive.


Amen Rose

London, England

I would like to start with expressing my faith and belief in Crystal Blue Enterprises, mainly because of the authenticity and integrity of Jim Dooley, the CEO of CBE, and because of the team of experts he has chosen to surround himself with and work with in creating these products. Jim, you have proven time and again that the quality of the structured water units is of upmost importance to you, and you have certainly not fallen short of producing such a high-quality product when it comes to the new CBE structured water unit. They are extremely impressive, and not just the materials that they are made from, but you can tell when holding one in your hand that the energy from these units is of a high vibrational frequency. I imagine that even just holding it will structure the water within you to some degree, but the good news is we get to take it a step further and drink the structured water that this beautiful, well-designed unit creates.  I have been using the CBE polycarbonate handheld and shower unit for about 9 months now, so I’ve had some adjustment already to structured water but I also know there is a vast difference in the quality of the new stainless steel technology units so I was extremely excited to receive my new unit. I wanted to let Jim and his team know about my initial experience with the new technology so am writing to document what we have experienced so far with our new family unit. First of all, I set up some testing glasses for all of those in my family. One for regular tap water, which I have not had to drink in quite some time, one for the poly unit, and a final one for the new stainless steel unit. We all drank the water together one step at a time. The tap water was unbearable after having been away from it for a long time…, that was a given to us. Next we drank the water from the poly unit and that was a considerable difference, which we already knew, but back to what we were adapted to at this point.

The final drink, of course, was from the stainless-steel unit and that was where the excitement set in. There was an immediate difference we noticed in the texture and taste. It was very smooth, light, and tasted so clean and pure. You could feel it absorb into your mouth and it felt very quenching. Our family friend Marshall said, “this structured water has a delightful texture”. You could actually feel the reduced tension of the water and it began to resonate with me how hydrating this is going to be for our bodies, which excited me even more. I was in love at first taste!

The next few days, as we continued to enjoy the taste and feel of the water, we began to take notice of the effects we were seeing in our bodies and state of mind. I would say the first thing we all noticed was the effects on digestion. It began its cleansing effects immediately and urination increased which was also cleansing. As we continued to consume the water, I noticed I began to feel an increase in my energy level. I’ve had trouble sleeping for years resulting in health issues related to a lack of sleep. Though that has not yet been resolved, what I noticed is that I am less tired. In fact, even with only 4 or 5 hours of sleep, I wake feeling more rested and have more energy, a lot more energy. I then realized the balance that comes into play with the right amount of exercise and the structured water, thus resulting in better sleep. Speaking of exercise, one of the things I was most excited about was taking the water with me to the gym. I noticed I didn’t have to drink as much water because when I would drink I would feel hydrated. I also noticed I was able to exercise for longer periods of time due to the energy I was experiencing. This was super exciting to me…, realizing how this is going to aid in stamina and thus weight loss. The final thing I began to notice was related to my sleep and my dreams. I started noticing that I was having more visions, mostly of light swimming around. I am a fairly lucid dreamer so I am usually aware when I am dreaming and what it felt like was, light dancing around my body creating something that felt really warm and loving. It is almost as if I was watching the energy moving more freely in my body, mind, and spirit. This light had a feeling of love, peace, and healing. It has a higher vibrational feeling than most dreams. I wonder if I am seeing it heal me when I am sleeping. My thought is I am experiencing light energy being fed to my cells. This might be my favorite thing so far to experience with the water. It is truly beautiful!It has only been five days and we have already had great experiences. I know there will be much more we will continue to experience as we have more time to feel the effects of the water from the CBE structured water unit. I am very excited about that!From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you Jim, Michael, and of course the team that works with you for bringing us this life changing health altering technology. This needs to be in the hands of everyone on the entire planet!

May we all continue to grow healthier and happier!

Many blessings to you all~

With gratitude

Michelle Holloway Quazi

Hello, Michael (Bennett) and Jim, Having no expectation, upon my first sip of Crystal Blue water, I got a head to toe zinger of energy. Being trained in the energy work of both Reiki and Quantum touch I appreciate the frequency of this water.. I cannot wait to experiment with plants and alternative health treatments involving water.

Thank you for your wonderful gift to humanity, 02/07/2017

Anita Mitchell

Dear Jim,

I want to thank you so very much for allowing me to partake of your initial shipment of the hand-held water structuring unit.  I have been using it now for 5 days and have some observations I would like to share.First, let me say, that I did not expect such a heavy, obviously amazingly well crafted, piece of equipment!  I have, of course, read up on its functionality within your website and understand how it works, yet once in my hand, I was amazed at the actual integrity of the unit.  Kudos!!I have been drinking alkaline water for over 2 years as everything I had read said this was the best water to drink, for all the reasons we have all heard.  I came to understand by way of a very good scientific explanation on your website why this is not true.  I can tell you that I have felt my health has been in decline for a while now with no real reason why.  I believe the alkaline water may be the culprit.  So here is what has transpired in the 5 days I have been using the unit.  On the first day, I drank about 28 oz of the structured water and really felt no sense of anything different.  I am not as energy-sensitive as others so this did not surprise me, knowing others have felt immediate sensations.  Yet, I understood that whether I felt it or not, it was working. On the 2nd day, I drank about two times as much …. about 56oz.  Still, I felt no sensations as I actually drank it.  However, about 3PM I was overtaken with quite a bad headache which I rarely get.  I had a feeling something was happening.  Later in the day I began to notice my lower back was starting to hurt and I began to cough.  I do have asthma but it is generally under control.  So the coughing was noticeable for me and since this is one of my weak spots, I thought maybe the water might be trying to cleanse me in this area.  On the 3rd day, I woke up to nausea, a small fever, and my whole body hurt to the touch.  It really felt a lot like flu symptoms but I sensed it wasn’t flu.  My lower back was still hurting and was hot.  I was still coughing but it did not feel like asthma as I have known it for the last 10 years.  I did go to work but didn’t feel well most of the day.  I continued to drink the structured water, yet I reduced my intake to give my body a break assuming I was having the Herxheimer reaction of detox.  When I went home my back was very sore and my body still hurt to the touch so I just hopped in bed and rested.  During the night I had chills and sweats to a small degree.On the 4th day I awoke and still wasn’t feeling well but found I had the need to urinate every ½ hour for most of the day.  It was at this point I knew for sure I was releasing toxins.  Each time I urinated I felt better and better and by mid-day I actually felt fine.  The pain in my back subsided, the fever left and the headache which I woke up to again was gone.  I had called in to work sick that morning but by 11AM I felt great and went into work.  I believe the backache I had may have been my kidneys detoxing so I am grateful for that aspect!

Day 5 I have awoken and feel great!  I am back to drinking my normal amount of water, most of which I am structuring, and, so far so good!  I am still coughing but believe this has been my challenge area, recently even having blood clots in both lungs, so I feel the coughing is a good thing as I think things are being attacked and cleansed.Beyond that, the only noticeable thing I can say after 5 days is that my skin has been itchy for the last several months although no visible rash.  I have discovered the itch has disappeared, and, although I have not used a shower unit, my skin feels a little better overall.  I am SOOOOO excited to see how using this unit continues to improve my health.  I have no doubt, based on what I have learned through your website, that it will.  I have done a few other cleanses in my life and none have produced a noticeable release of toxins for me EVER, unlike the use of this unit!  I look forward to making this a part of my regular daily regimen of health knowing I am doing something so good for my body.I want to thank you for bringing this technology to the world and I look forward to being a part of helping you spread the good news about this and all the ways you intend to create better health and a better life for everyone on and for the planet.

With much appreciation,

Karen Mahoney

Dear Jim, Thank you for asking me to participate in the 5-day evaluation of the new Crystal Blue Stainless Steel  hand-held water structuring unit. I’m excited to share my first impressions and subsequent 5-day experiences. My first impression taking it out of the box was WOW, you really out did yourself Jim!  The hand held device is exactly the way you have educated us through conference calls, website information, and email updates.  It is meticulously crafted with its stainless steel design with optional faucet fitting and interior 24-ct gold lining and precision cut crystal balls.  It is really exquisite!   Congratulations Jim!So now I’m ready to try it and place my hand-held under the faucet and pour my first glass of water in anticipation of the taste but also enjoy watching the way the water moves over the crystals and down into my glass – knowing this is the way nature works at its finest!To describe what my first taste was like:  “The water tastes so pure and fresh, like a fresh water spring, and the texture is so very smooth, like silk.”  It truly tastes amazing!   Others I have introduced the device to have also had similar reactions.  All that tried it tasted a big difference.In the first 5 days of using the Crystal Blue hand-held, I have noticed the following: Gradual higher energy shifts in my body

Reduced thirst

Softer, glowing skin

Sharper mental clarity

Improved digestion

Sounder sleep

Vivid dreams

Lucid meditations

Note:  I experienced very minor detox symptoms and attribute this to using the Crystal Blue  Polycarbonate hand-held for about 7 months and completing a 2 month detox program prior to using the new stainless steel hand-held.Next, as I begin to explain my 5 day experience, please keep in mind that every day I am drinking at least 52 oz of water as part of my detox program but I will call out the amount of CB structured water I drink explicitly each day. On day 1 – I drank 24 oz of structured water and experienced a pleasant upsurge of energy in my body.  I am an energy medicine wellness practitioner and very aware of how energy feels in my body.  About 20 minutes after taking my first sip of CB structured water I was definitely tingling and vibrating at a higher frequency.  This was a very exciting and unexpected response and I look forward to what tomorrow brings.On day 2 – I reduced my structured water intake to 16 oz after experiencing  loose stool and a drop in energy in the AM attributable to detox.  I decided to follow advice to proceed slower with a lesser amount.   Other than that I felt fine and did not notice anything else the rest of the day. On day 3 – I woke up feeling refreshed and well rested and decided to do my morning meditation.  I noticed that I was able to elevate my energy to connect with my higher self / GOD source energy much faster than usual and stay there with a very lucid and clear experience.  This was very exciting to me as I am guided in life very much by my intuition and the inner knowing that comes through a strong connection this way.   I am so very pleased and grateful to realize how the water aids this process.  What a gift!  The rest of the day I felt very elated, joyful and energized and was able to focus on hours of housework preparing for a big family visit.  I increased my water intake to 24 oz. on this day but overall noticed that I was not feeling as thirsty as usual.  Wow…  more activity and less thirst – this is definitely something new for me!On day 4 – I had vivid and bright, colorful dreams before waking with much greater dream recall upon rising.  Very cool!  I might actually start a dream journal if this keeps up.   I drank 52 oz of structured water with no return of the detox symptoms experienced on day 2.  However, I did start coughing some phlegm from my lungs in the AM which is probably a detox reaction of a different sort since I am feeling healthy otherwise.On day 5 – I woke up after another night of vivid dreams and a well-rested feeling.  After rising I did experience coughing and phlegm for a short time which I’m sure now is detox.  On this day, I also drank 52 oz of structured water.  The most noticeable change I noticed today was the ability to deeply concentrate for hours on a complicated project and stay focused with a great deal of mental acuity.  It feels like a change to me that I can attribute to the larger increases of water I’ve drank but could also be the very sound sleep I’ve been getting for several nights now.   How exciting!  Oh, and I forgot to say that the skin on my face feels like a baby’s bum and is absolutely glowing! After my first 5 days of observation, I conclude that I definitely feel an overall sense of improvement in my well-being attributable to the Crystal Blue structured water.   Even more exciting is… what is yet to come with ongoing use.     

I sincerely thank you, Jim Dooley, for your brilliant imagination and vision, detailed research and scientific studies and overall dedication to delivering the best structured water devices.  Thank you also for your excellent commitment to educating all of us!

Kimberly Steele

February 19, 2017