We at Crystal Blue have always had a passion for figuring out a way to reverse the devastating plight of Colony Collapse Disorder, a condition wreaking havoc on bee populations the world over.  Following is just one of several examples of how we have been able to correct this disturbing trend by bringing the bees back to full vitality in a very short period of time.  Just takes a little patience and a willingness to listen to the sounds of nature, that’s all…  

​The following testimonial is from one of our dedicated bee keeping partners in Hawaii, Shane Lee (aka: – “The Bee Guardian”), using only the Crystal Blue Structured Water Technology.  I say that because we now know that the structured water technology combined with our proprietary (new generation) EMF corrective measures will dramatically improve the health of our little friends even more than what you see here!



Hello Jim,

I am the founder of Gente Hive Bee Foundation.  I started this 501c3 nonprofit with the hopes of being the hero and saving bees, therefore saving all of humanity.  In our busy lives we hardly slow down enough just to see how important and impactful all things in this world are. Bees are our food!  Water is life!  What are we doing to make sure these precious gifts are safe?

​What are we doing to make sure our children will have the clean water we had as children? Humbled by the struggle of giving up my life to start this non profit, I realized I am no hero and it was not the bees that needed saving.  It was I that needed saving!

Starting many different studies trying to find solutions to the pest and disease that plague hives, I realized I needed to focus on the basics!  Clean water was one of my first ideas after seeing a bee drink rain water of of a door mat left outside.  It landed on one of the plastic (most rugs/doormats are actually made of plastic) fibers and started to drink the water on it. It blew my mind how simple things are, yet we make them so complicated! The bee struggles to find clean water and is drinking from a dirty plastic rug! 

I set out on a mission to find a way to bring bees clean water. Along the way I found “Crystal Blue”. Not having a penny to buy one of the units, I told my story to Michael Bennet an amazing compassionate representative of this structured water company!  He was kind enough to speak to Jim and get a water unit donated to “the cause”.  Michael came over to Hawaii to spend an entire day with me while I was being filmed for a documentary on my story.  Our meeting was impactful and I immediately began my study using the unit. 

I have tested 6 hives and monitored the hives closely.  I fed 4 of them half honey and half structured water.  All six of the hives were struggling during an off peak season here on the big island.  The four that got the structured water began to thrive within just the first three weeks! The two that got just regular rain water and honey struggled and one even died within the first three weeks!  The second made it but did not thrive until the season was over!  My intuition is really all I needed to know that Structured Water is the most impactful thing the bees needed- although it was still nice to see the results!  Now it is my mission to raise the money needed to do this study on a commercial scale, proving to the commercial bee world that chemicals are not needed in the hives. The bees just need clean healthy structured water and they will thrive!

Everything is in align for this study. I just need to get the funds so I can buy 40 hives from a commercial bee keeping company that are dependent and have been on chemicals for generations!  I will take them off the chemicals immediately and give them structured water! My prediction is that more than 90 percent of the hives will not only survive the transition, but thrive! In addition to saving the bees (as that was not enough!) the bee companies will potentially save tens of thousands of dollars on chemicals! 



But Wait… There’s More!!!

Following is a also a wonderful (and exciting!) testimonial from the Platte Hutterite Colony regarding the success shown when using Crystal Blue Structured Water for their now flourishing bee populations.